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The Living Word

"In the beginning..." That's about as far as most of us get before we tune out, paying no mind to the succeeding story. The adventures of mankind. No amount of sound logic, historical artifacts or eyewitnesses will do. We’ve heard it all before. A deafening and blinding veil of obviousness. A cliché. Unable to see what is ‘right under our nose.’ The palpable, tangible invisible.

Long story short is that everything happened. Some way, somehow. We have spent generations trying to find a different truth than the one given to us, passed down by our ancestors. But all fall short. Even the Big Bang Theory was recently disproven. Our telescopes discovered that when it happened, other galaxies already blatantly and flamboyantly existed. The audacity. Twinkling fire diamonds of old, harboring the glory that our egos eagerly attempt to outshine.

So, back to square one. And guess who’s not surprised. Those who accept the Word of God, don’t need to wait for each guess to be verified false. We expect it. Like how every other alternative has been debunked over the years. Herds of scientists and atheists have become followers of Christ on their trek to invalidate Him. That’s a win! The deeper doubters dive, they not only encounter Him, but build His case. And will continue to long after this post. So, keep digging friends.

No one is saying that science is wrong. On the contrary, science is right, because it’s the discovery of truths in the physical and natural. The material world is full of evidence and it’s in our favor. However, science is not the truth. It supports the truth, but it is not love or life. It is not our Rock, our Savior, or our Counselor. It explains to us the formulas and patterns of the workmanship of another’s hands.

Ironically, our cumulative efforts to erase God point us to Him. We eliminate all the possibilities that we can rationalize. But since when is our comprehension necessary for something to be true? And if not, then why is Biblical truth any less credible? It’s cited from first-hand accounts. Archaeologists confirm its radical claims.

Think about it. What would it realistically take for God to prove Himself to us? Does NASA need to get a telephone call from space that says, “I am God?” Or what if they found a planet with His address? Or maybe a timeless book of history that goes through human lineage, predicts everything that is going to happen and tells of everything that already did? Oh wait…

So, is the issue that we don’t like the disruption? Acquiring wisdom that compromises our public image. Contends with our comfort and interrupts our self-loathing. Offends our selfish ambition and disturbs our complacency. Proves control to be a farse, demolishes our worthless idols, and exposes our guilty consciences. Maybe not. Maybe we are so highly intelligent that we can’t figure anything out. Apparently too smart to come up with better answers. Or accept the ones we already have.

Even with our eyes sealed shut. Incoherent. God reveals His genius. He wants to be known. He brings attention to Himself. Who He is and His purpose; who we are and our purpose. He isn’t hiding. He proves Himself. He shows off. Displaying His Majesty marvelously. His mysteries. How glorious He is. How precise and constant. Everything is in its place. Faithfully. It is more than enough to humble us.


He is the reason we can guarantee the sun will rise and set daily. No doubt. Full confidence. A God of covenant. Binding contracts. The laws of nature if you will. He is measured. Telling the shore to stop the sea. Boundaries. A God of order. We are a part of that order. He holds it all together. Bound.

Science analyzes what we did not design, studies it. Which piques our interest, helps us fathom the intimidating unknown and teaches us how to play with the puzzle pieces. It is beautiful and should not only lead us, but expedite us, directly to a place of awe and wonder for the Lord. Our God. Our Maker, who knitted us together in the womb. Intricately. Handmade. Crafted.

He knew us before He created this realm. Before He gave us form. He fashioned us to be His. And that is what we are. His. Our Father, the King of Kings. Us, His children. From this place of modesty, hopefully we become slightly more appreciative, able to revere how perfect every detail is, how precious we are, and how uninvolved.

Humans manage resources. We tend the earth. Harvest. We are not the source. We can’t make elements, seed, or water. Still! After all the technology that humanity has ever developed. Which comes from minerals that we cannot create. Any of the fundamentals. We use them.

The ground already grows food for us; we till it. We toil. We work for it, but we are also getting a generous heap of help. Everything is working. Incessantly. Yielding. Reproducing. Holding its own seed within itself. On a mission to be fruitful and multiple, as the Lord commanded. Not by our hands.

We can sow the seed that He provides in the soil He provides, but then we need Him further to provide the sunlight and the rain. A blazing glow that we can’t behold. Torrential clouds floating ever so delicately in the sky, though saturated with precipitation. How does their collision announce the storm with such boisterous might? How do they rile up waters that swallow the earth? And out of all the options, how could we take credit? Or better yet, an accident. Meaningless happenstance. Talk about small-minded. We can’t even grasp that we are miracles! Our brains shouldn’t be able to dissect the remarkable.

As if this much nuance could beacon insignificance. We are sustained by oxygen that we don’t make. Automatically. That comes from trees we didn’t instruct. Which are all planted in an environment abundant in animal species of vast variety. Countless. Our body has its own system that we inherited. We see with vision that didn’t require strict training. We multi-task with a brain that simultaneously signals muscles, learns skills, and remembers information. Our heart feels for us and beats non-stop. Even while sleeping. Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord!

God is consistent, stable, and secure. He is always there. Immanuel. Within. Drawing near. Close to the brokenhearted. Ready to listen. He is a God who hears and answers our call. He responds to us. He considers us and our request, prayers, and concerns. His eyes are fixed on us. His face turned toward us. We, too, turn our face toward Him. Like a sunflower. Even in seasons of winter. His presence is unavoidable. Undeniable.

He loves us first and waits for us to return to Him. We are His, and He is ours. First. Before anything else. He invented relationship. Loyalty. At this point, it’s not that we do not see Him or recognize Him. It is that we reject Him. Deny Him. We turn our backs toward Him. We don’t reciprocate. One-sided. Not mutual.

We can’t run or hide from Him. He is the hiding place. Our fortress, shield and refuge. He is our defense. We hide in Him. When darts are shot, we run to Him. There is no escape, where He won’t find us. Won’t chase us down. Pursue us in love. We will eventually exhaust ourselves, and He will meet us right there. Surround us until we completely surrender. Ready for rest. Affection in place of affliction. Seeking healing and wholeness. He offers Himself to us. His peace. be continued...

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