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The Bible is a book of history. His story. Our story. The story of the world, of humanity. Documents from those who lived here long before us. Walked this planet thousands of years ago. Cross-referencing with other literature that agrees. The main difference is that no other book tells us where we came from, how we got here and why. This is our genealogy. Bloodline. Back to the original seed. Where did the first seed come from? The chicken or the egg.

First, God formed the heavens and earth. If earth had no form, it wasn't decided yet to be solidified. Maybe it was liquid or gas that takes the shape of whatever container it is in. What container? We need one of those. It says the earth was void, empty, a capacity. Outer space is a perfect vacuum. A perfect void. Lastly, the deep had a face. A surface. And an area. The trinity of trinities. Space, time and matter. Height, width, and depth. Solid, liquid and gas. There had to be a place, a dimension and a presentation.

The Spirit of God was moving over the waters. Did you miss that? Waters. Which also had a face or surface area. The Hebrew word also means hovering. He affected them. With the feeling of tender love, to cherish. Brooded over. Incubated. He was forming. He's got His palette. He's working with His medium. His elements. So what is this face? Shape, size. Maybe some color?

Light! A prism of rainbows. When God spoke, He manifested light. Expressed Himself. This is His trinity in full effect. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The will of God, the voice of God, the breath of God. When He spoke life was made. Light was the first life. Jesus happened. He is the Word of God. He is the light. And the power of the Spirit goes with Him.

Boom! It wasn't enough to explode, but it needed order. He divided the light and dark into their own sectors. Individual. One dark and one light equals one day. How long is that? See now we are quantifying time now. Given metrics and measurements.

Then He spoke an air vault, a firmament that separated the waters from the waters. There were waters under the firmament and waters above the firmament. Okay what? The firmament is Heaven. Also known as the sky. Firmament also means a collection as a sphere or world. To sum it up, this firmament, air vault, sky, separates us from water. Day 2.

He then spoke the waters together under the sky in one place, meaning they were not together. He restrained them. And spoke the dry land, called earth. The gathered waters He called seas. The shore is a barrier.

Even further He commanded that the earth be in process. Put to work. It yields grass with herbs that yield seed and fruit trees that yield fruit according to their kind. Not only does every species contain its own seed within itself to multiply, including plants, but can only produce of its own kind. Makes sense, an apple tree can't make an orange. But it's a condition. A rule. Laws of nature. Everything obeys. It's a smooth operation. A system that makes sense. Day 3.

Next, He wanted lights in the firmament, the heavens, the sky. So He made secondary lights: the sun, the moon and the stars. To be signs for seasons, days and years. Measuring time again. Let them be for heavenly lights to light the earth. They rule over the day and night. A greater light for day. A less light for night. All in all, they are in covenant to keep the division of dark and light. Day 4.

Then, He spoke water creatures. He made birds to fly on the face of the firmaments of heaven. So the sky now has a surface area, too. The face of heaven. He created every living things that moves according to its kind. Water and winged. We cannot cross-pollinate species. We try to mess with DNA, but one thing doesn't turn into another. Everything is perfect as it is. It all works together as it should. In unity. He blessed them and sent them on their way. "Be fruitful and multiply." Fill the seas and the earth. Spread your seed. Go and grow! Day 5.

On His last day before completion, He spoke the beasts of the earth: cattle and all creeping things, according to its kind. Intentionally different. On purpose. Now the world was full of life and inhabitants.

God said "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness." Mind, body, spirit. Conscious. Autonomous. God created man first in His image, then female from man. But we will get into that tomorrow. The point is that He reproduced. He yielded according to His kind. He wanted us. He expressed Himself and conceived us. The concept is the conception.

He gave us dominion over the beauty that He had just finished. We were also blessed with the same ability as other creation to yield. "Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it." Conquer it. Bring it under control. He gave us everything we could ever need. Every herb and tree for food. He also gave it all to the animals.

This is the initiation of what we see. Explicitly implying that there is also much unseen. Including intention. Since we woke up here, God helps us understand His train of thought and artistic process by explaining Himself. Showing us that we were thought of, provided for and loved. The work of His hand. Glorifying Himself. Structure. Order. All existence brings Him praise.


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